Age of the Dragons


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Saints and Soldiers director Ryan Little offers this inventive take on Herman Mellville's Moby Dick, substituting that tale's elusive white shark for a mythical dragon pursued by a determined Captain Ahab (Danny Glover) and his devoted band of followers.

Rating: PG-13 (for some violence)
Genre: Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By: Ryan Little
Written By: Anne K. Black, Gil Aglaure
In Theaters: Mar 4, 2011  limited
On Disc/Streaming: Jul 24, 2012
Runtime: 91 minutes
Studio: Metrodome Films



Imagine an ancient world where the sky can turn into an unpredictable and ruthless enemy. A world lit by a precious liquid only found in the throat of dangerous predators. In this world of snow and fog, a small band of adventurers and hunters embark on a journey led by a tortured Captain consumed by his obsession with revenge. As they struggle to stay alive across the cold forbidden lands, they will build true friendship, lose loved ones, and fight brutal creatures until truth is unraveled and vengeance is served.

Ahab (Danny Glover)

Ahab is the tyrannical Captain of the Pequod. He is driven by a maniacal desire to kill the great white dragon, the dragon that maimed and killed his loved ones earlier in his life. All that is known about Ahab's early life is that he was orphaned at a young age. He has become a legendary hunter mainly due to his surviving the several encounters he had with the Great White Dragon over his countless hunting seasons.

Stubb (Vinnie Jones)

Stubb is the second mate of the Pequod. Happy-go-lucky neither craving nor valiant, he is the most charismatic figure of the Crew. Good-humored, easy, and careless, he presides over his harpoon crossbow as if the most deadly encounters are his leisurely dinners.

Ishmael (Corey Sevier)

An adventurer and a poet, he is a quick and deep thinker, his thoughts being outwardly selfish, though he does not mean them to be. He is a “to the death” loyal man putting himself in harm’s way for the safety of those to whom he has committed. To gain his trust is a lifetime hunt of its own.

Rachel (Sofia Pernas)

As beautiful as she is intelligent, Rachel is the pilot of the Pequod. After  her father was killed fighting the Great White Dragon Ahab adopted and trained her to become the Pequod’s most deadly weapon. She is loyal to Ahab and shares his  hunger for revenge with the White Dragon. She is fearless and ranks in the five best dragon hunters of the known world.

Queequeg (Kepa Kruse)

Queequeg hails from the South Seas. He is extremely skilled with the harpoon.  He and Ishmael have been friends for years and together have hunted more beasts of the known world than imaginable. Close friend with Ishmael and strongly protective of the people he trusts, he would give his life for them.

Flask (Larry Bagby)

Flask is a base mean-spirited man with an ignorant soul. He is an extractor, trained in the dangerous art of surgically removing the sacks of vitriol from the dragon’s throat. He is also a cook … and a bad one at that.

Starbuck (David Morgan)

The chief-mate of the Pequod, he is an earnest and loyal man, prepared to endure and endure always. Looking into his eyes, one can see the lingering images of the many perils he has calmly confronted. He knows courage is not a sentiment and that an utterly fearless man is far more dangerous than a coward.




Dragons are extremely aggressive towards humans (it is unknown why). They are intelligent to the point that they are able to communicate with other dragons. It is reported that the dragons can develop human personality traits such as vainness and greed but most commonly they are known for displaying playful amusement when inflicting terror on their victims (like a cat playing with a mouse before delivering the final blow). Although this aggressive behavior is not the predominant personality throughout the species as a whole, there has not been one recorded encounter with a fire breather that did not end with flame.


Fire - Most common and found in all regions of cold and warm environments. These beasts are the most predominant due to their dislike of their own species. They are known to hunt other non-fire dragons and with fellow fire breathers only hold territorial battles.

Acid - Rarely found in areas other then tropical climates.
Poison - Found in desert environments.
Smoke - Difficult to find on land, and has not yet been seen under water.

Baby dragons (fledglings) in all cases are especially dangerous due to their inability to control the amount of fire, acid, etc… it releases. Fledglings will release if at any time threatened. The capture of these creatures alive is not recommended; neither is trying to raise one from birth as a pet. Full grown dragons are attracted to the young which has often proven to help with locating the beasts when hunting. When hunting dragons, there should be no less than 5 hunters, and no more than 10. Otherwise it becomes messy (too many targets).

Recommended Gear:


No exact method exists to capture and kill a dragon. It is a matter of survival skills and luck, leaving the “unlucky” often dead or crispy.

Dragons are quite valuable dead. Usage examples are as follows:

  Hide (per 1sq m) 100 gp
  Teeth (1) 80 gp
  Scales (per 1sq m) 100 gp
  Liquid flame (1 pt) 1000 gp

The best way to harvest useful items from these beasts is to come upon them when they are already dead or so old that they are defenseless.

Dragon Types:

Size ranges from 2ft to 12ft
Size ranges from 5ft to 30+ ft
Size ranges from 1ft to 4ft
Pack hunters
Size ranges from 1ft to 18ft